Frequently asked questions

Do you have a minimum?

There is no minimum account size. Professional advice should not depend on your account size or how much money you are able to invest.

Sounds great, what's next?

Schedule a free intro call.

Why choose Simplicity Wealth Management?

Financial planning and investments don’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. I’m committed to providing easy-to-understand guidance and advice. I get paid directly by my clients. You’ll never have to worry that my recommendations are motivated by a sales goal. Simplicity Wealth Management serves the needs of individuals with stock compensation and pre-retirees (10 years away or less). Schedule a call.

What is your initial consultation fee?

The initial consultation is free. It’s designed as a session to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit. Here's the direct link to my calendar, book a free call.

What’s it like to work with you? Are you a good fit for me?

Expect straightforward, honest advice and a high level of client service. I love what I do, and it all comes through in my work. I work best with clients who are looking for ongoing, professional advice. They are looking to free up time to focus on what they enjoy in life.

What I don’t do... market timing or hot stock tips. You won’t hear me droning on about the markets (I’ll leave that to CNBC). I’ll hit all the important points that apply to you.

What is a fiduciary? Why is this important?

As a fiduciary, I am legally obligated to provide my clients with advice that is in their best interest. I am not paid on products sold, so you can be confident my recommendations will avoid common conflicts of interest, like an advisor from ABC Company selling you ABC Mutual Funds. By eliminating these conflicts of interest, I can truly provide you with comprehensive, unbiased advice.

What does fee-only mean? How do you get paid?

As a fee-only planner, I get paid directly by my clients and no one else. This means I do not receive any commissions or referral fees based on sales. I do not receive commissions from brokerage firms, insurance companies or mutual fund companies. For more information, visit the Fee-Only Network. See my network profile here.

What is your investment philosophy?

Learn More About My Investment Philosophy

I see you offer investment management. Is it required?

Investment Management is not required, it is offered as a convenience for our Ongoing Planning clients. For more about Investment Management, click here.

Where are you located? Where are your clients located?

Simplicity Wealth Management is located in Glen Allen, Virginia. I am happy to meet with you at my Glen Allen or Richmond location. Thanks to technology, I work with clients across the country.

What are your qualifications? What is a CFPⓇ?

  • I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. This means I have completed the Board’s education, exam, experience and ethics requirements. I am required to complete 30 hours of continuing education biannually. View my CFPⓇ certification.
  • After completing my CFPⓇ, I pursued my Masters in Financial Planning where I also obtained the MPASⓇ (Master Planner Advanced Studies) designation. This means I have completed additional requirements above and beyond the CFPⓇ designation. I am required to complete 40 hours of continuing education biannually.

What is your industry experience?

I started in the financial industry in 2007 as a Financial Advisor. Since then I’ve worked for Merrill, Morgan Stanley as well as independent firms. My experience includes financial planning, investment management, estate and trust planning, operational management, executive compensation, and stock option plans.