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(Annual percentage of assets, billed quarterly)

After We Complete Your Financial Plan,

You May Want Me To Manage Your Investments For You

Investment Management is optional for you. Not only that, ONLY Ongoing Financial Planning clients can elect this service. That’s because I wouldn’t want to manage your investments unless I were intimately familiar with your Financial Plan.

Create your Investment Policy Statement


Open Accounts  & Consolidate


I'll Implement and Invest for you



Investment Management includes:


  • Wading through all your statements, opening new accounts, and handling the transferring and tracking of all funds into the new accounts.


  • Placing all trades to implement your investment strategy, while being mindful of tax implications.


  • Keeping on top of all investments. Doing all monitoring of accounts at least once a month.


  • Regularly rebalancing all investments to keep you on track with your Financial Plan (usually 1-2 times per year).


  • Providing a Performance Report (either electronic or paper) on a schedule of your choice.


  • All of your eligible investments will be held at TD Ameritrade or Betterment, LLC.


How It Works
Keeping It Simple For You Is My Motto
  • We finish your Financial Plan. At that point, we know how much you need to save, to where, a general allocation of investments, how long you're investing for, and your risk tolerance (the amount of risk you are comfortable with).


  • We have a discussion about your option to begin Investment Management.


  • Our first activity together is to create your Investment Policy Statement. That covers things like what you want in your portfolio and the values that your investments must align with.


  • Then we start consolidating all your accounts. I will assist* with the account opening and transfer process at TD Ameritrade or Betterment, LLC. While they will initiate and reconcile all the transfers, I will verify all assets arrive in your accounts.


  • Once everything has transferred, I place the trades to implement your investment strategy in alignment with your Financial Plan.


  • We discuss and I assist* in the setup of transfers for all your recurring cash flow needs. This may include assistance with the following items:

    • Linking outside bank accounts for on-demand expenses.

    • The set- up of a monthly “paycheck” (if necessary).

    • The set- up of transfers for large and predictable payments (like property taxes).

    • The setup of payments of occasional expenses like a budget for travel.


  • Ensure that Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are taken, if applicable.


  • We have quarterly discussions about investments and my monitoring of investments.


  • I do client investment education on an as-needed basis. You won’t hear me droning on about the markets (I’ll leave that to CNBC). I’ll hit all the important points that apply to you.


  • I ensure that you are making the right tax decisions, such as timing sales of investments to avoid taxes.

*Simplicity Wealth Management, LLC does not take custody of client accounts or assets. Tasks like account opening, transfers, and linking are completed by TD Ameritrade or Betterment, LLC's back office. 


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